The Mirror Dialogues

© 2012 Paulissa Kipp All text and images.

The Mirror Dialogues is a series focusing upon our reflection of ourselves and speaking without blocks or walls.  The things we tell ourselves and the way in which we view our reflection – literally in the mirror or figuratively, through the eyes of others – can become our reality, for love or self-defeat.

The series will invite introspection and provide prompts and exercise that encourage you to look within with love and manifest your gifts outwardly.

Visible Via The Invisible – Installment 1

She studied her face in the mirror.  Purple – the regal color –  though not at the moment.   The bruises stole purple’s regal presence.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?, she pondered ruefully.  The mirror will never reply, Eliana.  Never.

Steam  dripped and ran, rivulets of steam pooling into an ocean, each part of a whole yet rippling to create rivers anew.  Steamy tears brought on by the sight of her face; puffy, swollen and full of pain while her head and neck maintained their strong posture.

Her reverie was broken a strong voice with a thick Long Island accent.  “Do you see what I see?  Beauty, strength, unwavering love for others, an artist, a tunesmith, a woman full of wisdom born of experience, a persistent woman who rises like a phoenix to meet each challenge, a human becoming who she is destined to be in this world, a woman whose measure of success is not money, but how many lives she touches with love and encouragement.”  The mirror paused, his New York tough voice silent while she pondered his words, turning them about like a rock tumbling in a stream.

I DO all of those things.  It’s my nature.  But beautiful?  Beautiful, no.  I am not the woman that turns heads when she enters a room.

“No, you are simply the woman with an aura that draws others near so that you can heal their brokenness by listening or a gentle word or touch because you see their humanity amidst the brusque, the proud, the unpolished and the overlooked.   You see the invisible and in doing so, you shall never yourself BE invisible.”

Eliana wiped the mirror’s face.  “My dear friend.  Amazing how you always help me to see ME.  You reflect all of those qualities that lie below the surface, just outside of my view and my grasp.  You help me to take the reins and drive the chariot to my destiny.”  She looked into the silver mirror, with its yellow and blue mosaic calla lilies and drank deeply of her reflection.  Perhaps even bruises can be regal, she chuckled to herself.  Maybe even bruises.

We become visible by unveiling the invisible.  Such a dichotomy.  Yet such a truth.   When we reveal our vulnerabilities, our hearts, our deepest thoughts, hopes and tightly held dreams, we are no longer invisible.  When we release our light, the shadows move to the side to allow more light in.

We are not invisible.  We only need to open the door and let the light shine on us.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Write, create a piece of art or make a photograph that reflects what you need to see in yourself.  Be specific – list your gifts and light.  What are some things that others have said about you – are you strong, creative, passionate, etc?  How do you need to internalize those statements and turning them into I am. . .


The Mirror Dialogues – Installment 2

Eliana stood before the mirror, her eyes bloodshot and moist where tears had flowed moments ago.  I really shouldn’t let this bother me.  What value does one person’s opinion have on what I do? It won’t stop me from creating art.  The mirror creaked, its silver form changing under the steam.  Wiping the mirror, she heard the familiar booming voice.“It matters because the journey that a creative takes is a very personal one.  Each line, color, word, note or image is a part of you manifested.  Heart and soul are exposed through creation.  The Great Spirit that lives within you is released each time you create.”

“The Great Spirit?  Surely you jest.  Creativity is not a spiritual thing but rather a mental process.”

“You were given gifts and a desire to share them.  Are you so presumptuous as to believe that the Great Spirit did not give you these gifts to develop peace, confidence, love for yourself and others and to show the universe what the world looks like?  Not just the pretty things, but also the neglect and want?”

“The world doesn’t value what I have to show.  The world says creativity is a waste of time, so much so that it renders me unqualified for some positions because creativity means that I would be easily bored.”

“Well, wouldn’t you be?  Have you considered that the Great Spirit is doing you a favor by helping you bypass the positions and people who don’t value your magnificence?”

“Yes, but those rejections don’t help pay the bills.”

“You have long said that money is not your biggest motivator.  Are you willing to put your money and efforts where your mouth is, or are you going to continue to give it lip service?  This is the moment of truth, Eliana.  Who will you create for?  Those who may not appreciate your work, those who do appreciate your work and praise you or for yourself?  Why do you create?”

“I create to express joy, disappointment, to cope with fear, to encourage love for others and to learn about myself in the process.”

“There is a Great Spirit answer.  You must create for YOU.  The rest is irrelevant.  You are not wasting time.  You are spending time.  The difference is important, Eliana.  We only get so many days and those days should be filled with self-discovery and self-love.  Some choose to do that only through a career, greedily seeking money and prestige.  It becomes as much a need as a baby nursing on the mother’s milk.  Yet that need – the pursuit of money and prestige – is at the mercy of others’ good graces.  Creation is not dependent on the good will of others.  It is imperative that you release the gifts you have been given.  Those gifts have resided with you all along.  How will you honor them?”

The Creation spoke, fire crackling with each whisper.  “Paint will be slung, shutters clicked, stories told, lines drawn and love manifested through it all.  You will discover yourself, Eliana, and the universe needs you to discover YOU.  It needs what you have to offer, even if it doesn’t realize it yet.”

Dabbing her puffy eyes with the cool washcloth, she studied her reflection.  Devastation had been replaced with resolve.  A light shone in her steel gray eyes and a knowing smirk danced upon her lips.  Just wait – the universe stands with open arms to receive.

Your mission should you accept it:  Write a manifesto of creativity.  Take a moment to consider why you create (or if you are not yet creating, write down why.)  How do you feel when you are creating?  If you don’t consider yourself creative, head on over to YouTube and watch a few tutorials and write about what you would like to try and how that creative method speaks to you.

Above all, remember that you are love and are so very loved.

©2012 Paulissa Kipp, all rights reserved


4 thoughts on “The Mirror Dialogues

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  2. I really connected to the words here. Especially the distinction between wasting time and spending time.. And I love the writing, it is very comforting.

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