You Have A Fan!!


Magnificent One,

I’ve been watching you over the past few years and I am enchanted by your beauty, grace under fire, intelligence, kindness and creativity.

Your light shines brighter than the stars and touches everyone you meet.  The way you stand up for what you believe in gives others the permission to do the same.

You are a bright meteor flying through the universe, never to be caught but visible to all, even from behind the clouds.  You are loved and are love.  © 2013 Paulissa Kipp

So I ask you:  What would your fan letter say?



Who Ever Heard of a Weak Phoenix?

Phoenix Stencil, unknown artist

Strength means many things – sometimes it means perseverance in the face of challenges, sometimes it roars and at other times it is a quiet voice.  Strength can also be boundaries – healthy boundaries that stem from our love for ourselves.  Strength is often visualized as that of a Phoenix, the fire bird rising from the ashes.

Yet sometimes Phoenix is tired.  I have a story to tell about Phoenix.  I am Phoenix.  Despite significant challenges – physical, emotional and mental at times- I carry on, break myself apart, get rid of the puzzle piece that no longer fits, pour the sand and mortar back in and rebuild strength from vulnerability.  Yet sometimes life can drop a Phoenix to his or her knees.  Today I received a diagnosis that I cannot reverse but may be able to live gracefully with.  Clinical deafness.  Though I can hear sound, I am largely unable to ascertain words.  What does this mean for me going forward?  I don’t know.  How will it affect my ability to learn and be financially productive?  I don’t know.  I admit to letting the Phoenix lie down for a while and rest.  The Phoenix was weak.

Yet if one looks at mythology, how can a Phoenix rise if she never rests?  I needed time to process the change, to accept whatever limitations this diagnosis may place on my life and to figure out how to continue dancing boldly into my life.  You see, we don’t have to have it all.  We must have ourselves – the love and knowledge of ourselves.  We don’t need all 5 senses to be valuable.  I don’t need to have it all to make a difference, to show beauty to the world. What is needed above all is love and support and the knowledge that one thing “missing” does not make us less of a person, give us less value to offer the Universe, does not mean that we are not ENOUGH.  What it means is that Phoenix rests, then rises with the knowledge that all we have in any given moment is ENOUGH.  That rising and simply breathing is enough.  That one challenge does NOT a failure make.  The biggest blessings are often disguised within the roadblocks.  How does the Phoenix rise? Passion.  Choose a goal, no matter how small it may seem and take a baby step toward it, then another.  Crawl, toddle, run and fly up from the ashes.


You are so very loved.

© 2012 by Paulissa Kipp

Love Your Body, Love YOU

Fostering Love For Myself © 2011 Paulissa Kipp all Rights Reserved

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Love Your Body – Love Yourself

Today is the 15th anniversary of the National Organization for Women’s (NOW) Love Your Body campaign.  Organized to combat the negative messages that the media and society offer to women about their looks, their bodies – indeed who we are and who everyone but we decide we are – the work of the Love Your Body campaign is more important than ever.

I am proud to be collaborating once again with Beth Akerman and the lovely ladies of the How We See It Vol. II to benefit Love Your Body. (You can preview volume I here) Many of your favorite female photographers have contributed selfies, writings and images to the cause of changing the perceptions of beauty and indeed, ENOUGH  The book will available for ordering around Oct. 31st.  all proceeds will benefit Love Your Body

The image above is a very vulnerable and personal one for me.  The dark lines are hysterectomy scars – 2 long jagged lines that for a number of years represented loss for me.  Yet those long jagged lines represent so much more – strength, survival, womanhood regardless of any ability to bear children (I can still love and nurture the next generation), beauty, softness and love.  Scars are beautiful – they offer visual testimony to who we are, where we have been and what we have learned along the way.  Remember that you cannot punish your body into health, you can only love it there.

I leave you with this.  For those of you who are struggling with beauty and appearance envy :

If I acknowledge my beauty & talent, I do not have to envy your gifts.
If I recognize my strengths, I don’t need to emphasize your flaws.
When I am aware of my power, I can enjoy the differences & similarities
of your fire. We can promote each other, delight in each other.
Dance with each other. ~Christina Kadlec aka Magdalena Christina

© 2012 Paulissa Kipp  I am a Curious Lens Goddess, Writer and Artist documenting the world – the beautiful, curious and often overlooked.  I see the infinitely layered world not only with my eyes, but most importantly, with my heart. Find me on Google+: