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UPDATE:  Amazon has quietly pulled this item.  Zombie Industries, Inc.’s website has this to say about the target:

Thanks to multiple petitions, the “ex-girlfriend” mannequin that bleeds when shot will no longer be available to purchase on The product encouraged men to seek fatal revenge against women.

The company that manufactures the target, Zombie Industries, also displayed a target resembling President Obama at the NRA convention last week. Zombie Industries has a line of 15 “zombie” targets, including one woman because, as the website says, “To discriminate against Women by not having them represented in our product selection would be just plain sexist.”

The website features a promotional video showing several men “busting up a zombie chick.” Towards the end, the camera zooms up on a man holding a handgun to the prone mannequin’s head. He pulls the trigger and fires at point blank range a couple more times after saying, “Dodge this.”


Recently, it came to my attention through that the seller of the selly selly sell is allowing buyers to buy into domestic violence culture.  The product?  A shooting target called “The Ex”.  Dressed in a bra, ripped shirt and little else, the Ex features a large-breasted woman who bleeds when shot.  It’s manufactured by Zombie Industries, a company that was featured at the NRA convention last weekend.

So what’s the problem?  After all, shooting at a target isn’t the same as shooting an actual person and oooh oooh, maybe she is a zombie and we all should prepare for the zombie apocalypse, right?

The problem, dear friends, is that many mass shootings are domestic violence issues in which a suspect (usually male) shoots his estranged spouse – The EX.  According to the National Coalition on Domestic Violence:

Family and intimate assaults involving a firearm were 12 times more likely to result in death than non-firearm associated assaults between family and intimates.

• More than 12 times as many females were murdered by a male they knew (1,689 victims) than were killed by male strangers (137 victims).
• Almost a thousand female victims were wives or intimate acquaintances of their killers.
• More female homicides were committed with firearms (52 percent) than with all other weapons combined. Of these, three quarters were committed with handguns.

And while we’ve lost 6,614 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, during the same period of time 11,766 women were killed as the result of domestic violence in this country.

I am a survivor of domestic violence. You can read my truth here: I have been shot at and had knives thrown at me.  I moved to another state and my abuser followed.  I still freeze up when I see a sage green Chevy truck with white cab and ladder racks.  Do we need more ways for abusers to practice how to kill us?  I think not.

When “play” glorifies killing by targeting a certain class (in this instance, estranged partners) or genders, it is clear that the manufacturer either is targeting the product to men or women who would enjoy knocking off an EX or it is a case of very unfortunate naming.  For Amazon to provide the means for Zombie Industries to profit from the exploitation of women via domestic violence is unconscionable.

Let’s send Amazon a message that this is unacceptable.  To sign the petition, follow this link:  

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