The Value of Starting Over

It is the beginning of a new year and often new goals and dreams launched, mistakes assessed and a changing of course often occurs.  Maybe you sit down to write a resolution:  I will leave the carbs alone, I will lose this spare tire, I will learn a new hobby or launch a business or get my life in order.  Maybe you sit in quiet reflection and meditate about the course of your life.

Either way, we often find things that didn’t live up to our hopes or expectations.  Sometimes, we even label those things as “mistakes” or “regrets” and vow never to falter again in the same way.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?  Is there no room for learning?  Is everything an either/or situation in which growth is unvalued?  Joy and confidence stem from deliberate movement.  Any step forward in an effort to learn is a positive one.

And when those steps are tentative and unsteady and we fall, that does not mean that we’ve failed.  It simply means that either we haven’t learned enough to master things in the fashion that we would like or that our choice isn’t right for who we are.

Are you quashing your joy and making yourself a whipping post?  First of all, STOP IT!.  Then take a moment to consider the progress you’ve made and what you’ve learned deep in your heart about the situation.  What is your gut telling you?  It is never too late to start over, to change course if necessary.  There is always more than one approach.  Listen to that brave voice within and move forward gently into the sun.


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